3P Technology

Top-quality, tailored software solutions for Offshore, Infrastructure, Pharma/Medical, Oil & Gas

3P Technology develops software packages for DCS, PLC and SCADA systems, assuring the customer the best solution for his/her facilities. Requirements – Specifications – Design – Development – Process Simulation – Commissioning, AR/VR simulation, 3D simulation of process plants.

We are highly qualified and motivated specialists with extensive practical experience in tailoring solutions for your specific needs and wishes, which is also embedded in our values being; Innovation, Flexibility and Quality.

We are currently working in the following industries: infrastructure, Pharma/Medical – Oil & Gas offshore – Wind/Waves offshore 

We deliver solutions worldwide and have within the last 20 years been involved in projects in parts of Europe, America, Korea and Russia. Among our major customers are NOVO, Dong Energy, Rockwool, HOFOR, Chr. Hansen and NOV National Oilwell Varco. In addition, we have been actively involved in projects in Sweden and Poland with our clients from Vattenfall, Göteborg Energy.

3P Technology is continually exploring to reach new international markets and creating fresh business connections.

Please contact us for details regarding how we can create value for your company or project in the best possible manner.