Nordic Marine Oil

Nordic Marine Oil PLC is specialized in the supply of fuel and lubrication oil for the shipping industry.

Our bunker fuel tanks and tankers are situated in a number of harbors, especially along the Danish West Coast, including Thyborøn – and we can also supply via tank truck to the remaining Danish harbors. Besides, on the basis of Skagen Red, we can supply Offshore bunker oil with our tanker M/T Gaia Nordic.

Our goal is to be a respected Oil corporation, recognized for our employees, who provide energy to our customers.

At Nordic Marine Oil PLC, we focus intensely on delivering the right and the best product. Our bunker traders monitor the market closely and will only sell top-quality bunker for our customers.

We offer all types of quality when it comes to marine gas oil and lubrication oil. WE can also assist you with other types of supplies.

All types of products are delivered in accordance with the latest ISO standards.

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