Thyborøn Bådebyggeri

The company was founded around 1950 and has many years of experience in boat building.

The current owner Arnfinn Dali became sole owner in 2006.

Thyborøn boatyard employs both trained house carpenters and boat builders, making the company well equipped to handle a variety of tasks, both at sea and ashore. Thyborøn boatyard handle tasks in all house carpenter work, and everything from large to small ships.

Thyborøn boatyard has also been able to lift several tasks associated with new construction of ships, on the basis of their cooperation with Agger Shipyard. This cooperation has resulted in a joint company called Danish Ship Interior (DSI).

At Thyborøn Boatyard, quality and the customer is always in focus and any size application is processed with great seriousness, resulting in satisfied customers and high quality results. This focus on quality has also resulted in Thyborøn boatyard has made ships with some of the lowest noise measurements in close cooperation with the Fishermen’s Occupational Health Council in Esbjerg.