Thyborøn Skibs & Motor A/S / LMK A/S

The company covers an exceptionally broad range of activities within the marine sector.
They carry out new construction as well as conversions, including the installation and overhaul of motors, the construction of marine equipment, hydraulic-, steel- and aluminum constructions, the fabrication of all forms of drum- and winch solutions, bollards and side-ladder drums, while the manufacture of accommodation ladders, bulkway ladders and gangways comprise a significant part of our production. In addition, we can also offer solutions based on refrigeration and cold-storage techniques. Finally, they welcome projects requiring unique, client tailored solutions.

High quality gangways manufactured in seawater-resistant aluminum are easy to handle due to their low weight, while at the same time being very sturdy. The walk-surface with angled steps in non-skid trade plate gives a safe working