A natural choice for transportation to and from large parts of the North Sea

Thyborøn is uniquely situated by the Danish West Coast facing the North Sea and combined with an entry to the Limfjord facing East. This means that you always can navigate at Thyborøn Harbour, also in bad weather conditions. The infrastructure of the harbor is undergoing an enormous development and with Limfjords quay II it is fully capable of being a service base and installation harbor for Offshore projects.

Companies such as Midtjyske Jernbaner/Railroads, Thyborøn Harbour, Torsminde Harbour, Thyborøn Stevedore, Nor Sea Group all stand for a unique set of competences to support your needs.

Experts within

  • Rigging
  • Crewchange
  • Facilities
  • Custom clearance
  • Harbours
  • Office facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Lifting assignments
  • Tug boats
  • Stevedore

Facts about Thyborøn Harbour

  • – Garbage sorting
  • – Protected Entry
  • – More than 5000 meters of quay
  • – Can be navigated in all types of weather
  • – Pilotage omly mandatory for tankers and tugged boats
  • – Water, electricity and wastewater management quayside
  • – Depth at entrance 8 meters
  • – Depth a quay up to 9 meters
  • – Open 24/7 365 days
  • – ISPS level 1

Facts Thorsminde Harbour

NSOSG Havne Logistik i Thyborøn NSOSG Havne Logistik i Thyborøn NSOSG Havne Logistik i Thyborøn NSOSG Havne Logistik i Thyborøn NSOSG Havne Logistik i Thyborøn NSOSG Offshore Vindenergi i Thyborøn NSOSG Offshore Vindenergi i Thyborøn NSOSG Maritim Service i Thybyrøn

Thyborøn Havn

Thyboron Port is your strategic partner for manufacture, construction and O&M at North Sea Wind projects and Oil fields. Thyborøn is the closest port to Vesterhav North Wind Farm and a range of the Danish Oil sector.

Thorsminde Havn

With its central location on the West Coast of Jutland and direct access to the North Sea, the Harbour of Thorsminde affords excellent possibilities for activities along the full length of the coast, especially for professionals within the offshore business operating service and supply vessels.

NorSea Group

With strategically located supply bases across Europe, NorSea Group together with associated companies, can offer efficient logistic support to your offshore activities anywhere in The North Sea basin and beyond.

Midtjyske Jernbaner A/S

We have a highly motivated staff of 31, all with relevant courses in their field. The common goal of all employees is, that the daily traffic is run as safely and accurately as possible, and that our customers experience a good service and a safe trip.

Thyborøn Stevedore A/S

Thyborøn Stevedore A/S carries out all forms of port supply, maritime services and stevedore tasks. We provide dedicated services to ship-owners, operators, charterers, vessels, receivers and consignors at the Port of Thyborøn.

T&W El-service A/S

We perform all kinds of installation work on ships and buildings, among other things: newbuildings, conversions, repairs, switch gear, generators, Controls w / hydraulic systems, 24V dc systems, network cabling andappliances

VG Entreprenør A/S

We specialise in the construction of marinas and piers of any size and complexity, and we guarantee an optimum structure – from core material to outer breakwaters.

HM Service

We deal with all types of masonry work throughout Denmark. We are also ready to handle turnkey contracts in collaboration with leading professionals. We also have carpenters and scaffolders. HM Service is a member of the Danish Construction Association. This means that our work is subject to Build guarantee scheme.